Labour MP Naomi Cachia set to become party’s parliamentary whip

Naomi Cachia promoted to parliamentary whip after weekend reshuffle

Labour MP Naomi Cachia
Labour MP Naomi Cachia

Prime Minister Robert Abela will nominate Labour MP Naomi Cachia as whip of the parliamentary group.

Speaking on Monday, Abela said he will present the nomination during the first parliamentary group meeting since the cabinet reshuffle last Saturday.

Abela said this decision shows that his government is confident in the capabilities and beliefs of youth.

Cachia had already been serving as assistant whip since the 2022 general election. She was elected to parliament as one of the six Labour Party candidates elected under the gender quota mechanism.

Her promotion comes on the back of a reshuffle that saw former whip Andry Ellul appointed parliamentary secretary for social dialogue within the Office of the Prime Minister.