PN slams Abela for claiming ‘trap’ on day of Muscat’s arraignment

PN dismisses claims by PM Robert Abela that the Opposition is setting up a 'trap' on the day of Joseph Muscat's arraignment

Bernard Grech (File photo)
Bernard Grech (File photo)

The Nationalist Party has slammed Prime Minister Robert Abela for claiming that it is setting up a ‘trap’ for Joseph Muscat supporters on the day of his arraignment.

During a Labour Party activity on Tuesday, Abela urged supporters not to fall for the Opposition’s provocations, and earlier told the Times of Malta that he was reliably informed that the Nationalist Party is “planning a trap” on May 28, the day of Muscat’s arraignment.

However, Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech said he is convinced Abela is lying, but if Abela has information that the Nationalist Party, he should go to the Police Commissioner.

Grech urged for responsibility, caution and proper behaviour from everyone. “Let’s let the institutions work and let’s make sure justice works. Justice is there for everyone.”

Nationalist MEP and candidate David Casa also reacted to Abela’s comments, saying “the only trap is the one Muscat set for [the Prime Minister]”.

“Your assault on our country’s institutions to defend those who robbed us blind will be your legacy,” he said.