Passenger caught smuggling half a kilo of cocaine in underwear

Half a kilo of cocaine is found in the underwear of a Columbian passenger attempting to pass through customs as EU national.

A Columbian man travelling from Eindhoven, Holland, to Malta was stopped and searched today after attempting to pass through the ‘Blue Exit’ at the Malta International Airport.

The Columbian was stopped when attempting to pass himself off as an EU National.

Nothing was found after his luggage was searched, but 52 capsules of cocaine amounting to half a kilo were discovered in his underwear.

The Customs Office said it immediately informed the police Anti-Drugs Division which has since commenced an investigation into the matter. 

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Anna Callus
The blue channel is for all persons arriving from other EU airports - it has nothing to do with the nationality of the passenger. Whoever wrote this piece confused the blue channel at Customs with the EU/EEA/CH queue at passport control for non-Schengen arrivals.

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