‘No major shake-ups in Air Malta management envisaged’ - minister

Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella says ‘no major shake-ups in Air Malta management envisaged’

Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella, flanked by the new Air Malta board
Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella, flanked by the new Air Malta board

Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella said the government is not envisaging any major shake-ups in Air Malta's management.

He was speaking on Wednesday afternoon during the very first meeting of the new recently appointed Air Malta board.

Asked by the media whether the government was planning to change Air Malta's management line-up - such as CEO Peter Davies - Vella said that there were no plans in this regard.

"This will be up to the board to decide. However at face value I am not envisaging any shake-up in the airline's top management," he said.

"The current management was brought on board with a specific assignment - the restructuring of the air line. This has not been concluded yet," Vella said.

"The board will analyse the progress done so far and, if anything, there will be a change of strategy rather than changes in the airline's policy, direction or posts."

"Again, this is something up to the board to decide, but I am not envisaging that these are going to take place," Vella said.

The new board is chaired by businessman Ray Fenech, and is composed of George Micallef, Chris Grech, Joe Gasan, Eric Fenech Pace, Karen Bugeja, Joe Borg, and Norman Spiteri.

Vella noted that the new Air Malta board would certainly have its hands full, what with the still ongoing airline restricting

"The focus of the board is going to be to ensure that what was agreed upon as part of the EU restructuring plan, does in fact take place," Vella said.

"Where know there are challenges, and that it is not going to be easy. However we have faith in the management, in the staff, and in the opportunities that the tourism industry offers us."

He said that the board would be formulating its direction in this regard, which will be then up to the company's management to fashion into policy and implement.

Vella also thanked the outgoing board for their service.

The minister should make some check-ups and see how this restructuring is going on!!!he should talk to the employers concerned and see how certain departments are not producing at all while other places are being run like a slave ship!!!!wake up and take action,because airmalta staff are fed up!!!