Labour slams Busuttil as 'not credible' to speak about energy

Labour Party says that the Nationalist Party doesn't have a plan when it comes to the energy sector

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil is “not credible” to talk about energy and is pursuing a “negative campaign” against the government to score political points, the Labour Party said.

“This is the same campaign that Busuttil, along with his predecessor and his friends, started before the previous general elections,” a PL statement said. “Despite the results of that election and another election afterwards [the 2014 MEP election] they still haven’t learnt.”

Busuttil said on Tuesday that the government shouldn't buy more electricity than it needs from Chinese investors Shanghai Electric Power, set to be the new owners of the Delimara phase II.

“The government has already bound itself to buy all electricity generated by ElectroGas; now the Chinese investors will be buying the Delimara phase II and the interconnector will soon be in place. This government will be binding the country to purchase more electricity than it needs,” Busuttil said.

“Busuttil can’t yet understand that what he and his friends had attacked with words such as ‘gimmick’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is actually happening, against the PN’s ‘forecasts," the PL said. “He and his party have no credibility and no plans when it comes to the energy sector." 
“He didn’t even allocate a separate for
a for energy, and instead chose to place it in a vast portfolio as the previous Nationalist government had done.” 

The PN recently set up ten policy fora to discuss and update the party's policies. The fora are long-term vision, economy and employment, education, health, justice and home affairs, foreign and European affairs, social policy, environment and agriculture, culture, and Gozo.  

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