Busuttil: Construction industry has a role in improving quality of life

Opposition leader says that a PN government would offer incentives for urban regeneration and energy efficiency in construction

PN leader Simon Busuttil (File Photo)
PN leader Simon Busuttil (File Photo)

In a meeting with the Malta Developers Association (MDA) on Wednesday morning, PN leader Simon Busuttil put forward three proposals which he discussed with members of the MDA together with representatives of the federation of real estate agents as well as representatives from the quarrying, road construction and carpentry and furniture industries.

Busuttil thanked MDA boss Sandro Chetcuti for the association’s work in making it one of the main stakeholders in Malta.

He said that while the construction industry remains a great contributor to the Maltese economy, it is important to have a long term vision for the sector.

More concretely he said that construction must play a role in improving citizens' quality of life by improving environmental standards as well as regenerating urban areas where this is long overdue.

With this end in mind, a PN government he said, would offer incentives, such as a reduction in capital gains tax for developers, reach the highest standards of energy efficiency in construction as well as incentives for people buying property in areas like Marsa, Bugibba and Hamrun, that are all in need regeneration.

"I will not reduce tax just for the sake of it but to achieve concrete goals," said Busuttil.

He also said that incentives would be offered to construction companies that upgrade the environmental standard of the operation. 

Busuttil also said that a PN government would oversee the biggest investment in infrastructure to date including pavements and roads in all localities. He also said that a 10 year plan for development would be put forward which will include plans for a second mode of public transport such a light train or tram.

Busuttil also said that show it is geologically possible to have a tunnel linking Malta and Gozo then it should be done for the good Maltese and Gozitan citizens alike.  

On his part Chetcuti thanked the PN for arranging a meeting between the MDA and environmental NGOs.

"While it is important for there to be awareness we must also find ways of taking concrete action and it is possible for us to do this by working together with NGOs," Chetcuti added.

He said that the construction industry was now healthy, after a period when it had stagnated and nothing was happening, however it is now important that it does not burn out.

Chetcuti also stressed that it was very important that the industry learns how to build better in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

He concluded by saying that the investments made by developers were long term investments and that then MDA is therefore interested in working with any government for the benefit of everyone.

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