Planning Authority rules two fish farms now compliant with agreed declaration

Planning Authority declares Malta Fish Farming Ltd and Malta Mariculture Ltd compliant with last month's declaration on how and and when to remove respective fish farms 

The Planning Authority has ruled that two of four fish farm operators are now fully compliant with their declaration they made last month on how and when to remove their respective fish farms.  In a statement, the PA said that the two operators in question - Malta Fish Farming Ltd and Malta Mariculture Ltd - removed two 20 meter diameter cages andtwo 50 meter diameter cages respectively.

The other two operators, Fish&Fish Ltd and AJD Tuna Ltd while not yet fully compliant, also removed one and two fifty meter diameter cages respectively. Fish&Fish Ltd also emptied out two other fifty meter diameter cages but is awaiting from the Fisheries Department to provide the exact co-ordinates where to move the cages to.

Last month, the four fish farm operators had their 10 development permits unanimously revoked by the Planning Board, following revelations that their operation was in breach of planning conditions to the detriment of the environment and negatively impacting the coastal bathing water.

The respective fish farm operators have up until 31 December to completely relocate their tuna structures and operations to an approved aquaculture zone in the south of Malta.

“The Planning Authority, over the coming days, will continue to monitor the removal of the fish farms according to the unilateral declaration the respective fish farm operators made with the Authority,” the PA said. “The Authority still reserves the right to proceed with direct action should it deem necessary.”

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