PA denies ‘closing an eye’ to illegal dumping in Siggiewi

The Planning Authority maintains that action was taken against illegal dumping in abandoned Siggiewi quarry

Enforcement action against illegal dumping was taken following a site inspection of an abandoned quarry in the limits of Siggiewi, the Planning Authority said.

The action was initiated and an enforcement notice was issued last April since the quarry was abandoned, and since the dumping of derelict structures and scrap material was being dumped in a Special Area of Conservation, the Authority said in a message to the press.

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The press release came as a result of allegations by the Democratic Party (PD) who said that the authority was not doing anything about the illegal dumping taking place.

“If PA is using policies in an anti-legal manner or selectively closing an eye than this is not only shameful but calls for restructuring and a change in attitude,” PD had said.