[WATCH] Online voting doubles KSU election turnout

A record number of students participated in the University Student's Council election after the online voting system was introduced for the first time • SDM won by nearly 60% 

Students celebrate SDM victory on campus
Students celebrate SDM victory on campus
Students celebrate SDM victory in KSU elections on campus

The voter turnout for the University Student's Council (KSU) election was nearly 50% – up by 22 points since the previous election. 

The record turnout is attributed to the introduction of an online voting system which was implemented for the first time, making it significantly easier for students to vote. 

Christian Democratic Students (SDM) won the election with 58% votes, winning all 11 seats.

The SDM representatives are Carla Galea, Luke Abela, William Farrugia, Eman Haber, Joseph Farrugia, Clint Vassallo, Karin Cassar, Naomi Attard, Christian Aquilina, Celine Bartolo, and Matthew John Dougall.

Students attending courses at the University of Malta and Junior College were eligible to participate in the elections. 

Students were able to vote online using their University credentials, as opposed to the traditional ballot method. The typical turnout prior to the introduction of the new voting system would not exceed 30%. 

A record number of 6,626 students cast their vote by this evening. 

The new voting system was proposed by students Dario Cacopardo and Nathaniel Falzon earlier this month – precisely in order to tackle the issue of student apathy, and to increase voter turnout.

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