Archbishop to meet autistic child denied Holy Communion certification

Archbishop Charles Scicluna will be meeting with the family of Ella Agius at their private residence to ensure a comfortable setting for the young child, who was denied Holy Communion certification

Ella Agius at her Holy Communion
Ella Agius at her Holy Communion

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has agreed to meet the family of Ella Agius, a child denied Holy Communion certification by Burmarrad parish priest Christian Anthony Borg.

Borg had refused to officially certify Ella’s first Holy Communiona after the autistic child refused to be administered the Eucharist during the official celebration last June.

The priest had been advised by Ella’s parents that the child’s condition meant that she was not always able to swallow.

Ella’s father, Jean Claude Agius, told MaltaToday that the Archbishop had contacted them personally, and will be meeting the family at their home tomorrow.

“The Archbishop contacted me and told me that he would like to meet Ella at our home, as he wished to meet her in a place where she felt most comfortable,” Jean Claude said. 

The parents accepted Scicluna’s proposal.

When confronted by the parents on the issue, the Burmarrad parish priest, had stated that the decision to reject the certification came from the Archbishop himself. 

However, a spokesperson for Scicluna denied the archbishop had given such an order, more so since the case had not come to his attention.

Asked if the parish priest had reached out to the family, following media reports over the weekend, Jean Claude said that he had not.

Borg had refused to talk about the case when contacted by MaltaToday, citing privacy issues.

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