Woman claims to have been beaten up by karozzin driver

Maria Elizabeth Mcveigh said she was punched by one of the owners of a horse-drawn carriage after she asked why the horse didn’t have water however her version of events was disputed on Facebook

A woman has claimed that she was assaulted by the driver of a horse-drawn carriage because she asked him why his horse did not have any water.

Writing on Facebook, Maria Elizabeth Mcveigh, said that after asking about the water, she was punched by the horse’s owner.

“I was punched which resulted in me falling backwards…leaving me unconscious and sustaining a head injury…I was taken to hospital…CT scan…large Hematoma and soft tissue contusion…loss of blood,” wrote Mcveigh.

Her post was shared in the Facebook group RUBS PUPPY LOVE, with many expressing their shock at what had happened and wishing her a speedy recovery.

MaltaToday reached out to Mcveigh for a comment on the incident but has so far received no reply. Efforts were also made to determine whether a police report had in fact been filed, however the police said they could not determine if a report had been filed without knowing which district it was filed in.

A number of people challenged Mcveigh’s version of events, claiming that there was no proof that the incident had in fact happened, prompting the alleged victim to post a copy of her discharge note. The note states the woman’s injuries were the result of her being punched and falling backwards.   

The incident allegedly took place before a protest held on Saturday calling for horse-drawn carriages to be banned from Malta's roads. The protest was called after two horses collapsed on Malta's roads in one week.

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