Government to invest €4 million in drug rehabilitation

Caritas director Anthony Gatt said the agreement would further support the consolidation of services aimed at helping individuals struggling with drug addiction

An agreement has been signed between Caritas and the government that will see almost €4 million allocated to drug rehabilitation initiatives over the next three years.

“This agreement covers community services and first contact services, where a person with drug problems or their relatives can seek help as well as three residential centres, such as the San Blas therapeutic community,” said the Director of Caritas Anthony Gatt.

He said that last year, Caritas saw around 700 individuals seeking help dealing with a drug-related problem, as well a further 500 relatives of drug addicts.

“This agreement will further support the consolidation of these services while also enabling us to provide for the current needs of people,” Gatt added.

Family minister Michael Falzon thanked Caritas for the work it does.

“The government will continue to work and will continue to invest money in the area,” he said, adding that work had already started on a therapeutic and rehabilitation that will be opening in Ta Kandja. 

“This can be seen as a major step forward, which will allow us to connect with young people of all ages, and thus help them reform themselves,” Falzon said.

He said the government was committed to assist and provide residential programs for reforming drug addicts, while also pursuing holistic programs to address psychological, therapeutic and social challenges.