[WATCH] Young environmental activist elected on independent ticket in Zebbug

Steve Zammit Lupi was elected on the first count with 947 votes 

Steve Zammit Lupi (Photo: James Bianchi)
Steve Zammit Lupi (Photo: James Bianchi)

Steve Zammit Lupi, an independent candidate on Zebbug who was elected on 947 first-count votes said that his being elected meant that Malta was moving closer towards political inclusivity. 

"I've very surprised this happened. It means the electorate is maturing and that people won't necessarily vote for the major parties," he told MaltaToday after the result was announced. 

He added that the personal result reflected what he envisioned local council elections to be about, that major parties shouldn't necessarily dominate decentralised government.

"We should vote for the individual. If we believe that someone in particular can represent us well, then why not?" he said. 

In his comments to MaltaToday, Zammit Lupi thanked Zebbug locals for the faith they put in him and contended that it was time to get to work. 

Zammit Lupi will be a councillor in Zebbug for a five-year tenure. He was elected via 947 first-count votes as Malcolm Galea, a family doctor in Zebbug, won Labour mayorship in the same locality with over 1,800 votes.


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