PD questions point of new construction regulations given lack of enforcement

The party pointed out that the law already placed a number of requirements on contractors which are being ignored

The PD said that what is needed is proper enforcement and not a tweaking of the country's laws
The PD said that what is needed is proper enforcement and not a tweaking of the country's laws

The Democratic Party has questioned the point of introducing new construction industry regulations, given that there doesn’t appear to be any enforcement of the current legislation.

“Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has admitted that the enforcement of building regulations by the authorities is insufficient, but then made no commitment to increasing human resources to upgrade enforcement,” the PD said in a statement on Saturday. “What is the point of tweaking the law when the excavation rules are not enforced?”

The party said that the following the collapse of three residential properties, “miraculously without loss of life”, the government had only proposed cosmetic changes to the law.

PD said that the law already required developers to submit method statements, and to appoint a site manager or to carry out a geological survey on site.

“In most cases, these requirements are being ignored by the regulatory authorities and there is no indication that the government intends to enforce them.”

It said that the Prime Minister’s “failure to commit the government to better enforcement sends the wrong signal that building contractors can continue to do as they please because the government will not check on them”.

Moreover, it said that the government did not keep a proper list of certified masons, meaning there is no way for developers and their architects to know if the people they engage are in fact certified to carry out construction works.

“Construction is a complex activity and Prime Minister Muscat is being very deceitful when he gives the impression that fundamental problems in the industry can be resolved merely by tweaking with the legislation,” the party said.

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