Thousands of counterfeit perfumes and shampoos intercepted at Freeport

Customs officials intercepted four containers containing thousands of fake perfumes and shampoos

Fake perfumes and shampoos were confiscated by customs
Fake perfumes and shampoos were confiscated by customs

Thousands of bottles containing fake perfumes and shampoos were seized from four containers at the Freeport, the Customs Department said.

Two of the containers held counterfeit products with renowned brand names, while two other containers contained empty bottles to be filled with fake perfume and shampoo.

Customs said 26,592 fake perfume bottles carrying labels of nine renowned brands and 42,144 shampoo bottles carrying the labels of two brands, were confiscated in the operation.

Two other containers contained 41,436 empty perfume bottles with false labels.

Three branches of the customs department were involved in the operation – the intellectual property section, the container monitoring unit and the scanning team.

A legal representative of the Maltese companies that hold the trademarks to the branded products confirmed that the products were fake and illegal.

The companies that hold the trademarks are expected to file court proceedings against the importer for using counterfeit products, the customs department said.

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