[WATCH] PM refuses to reply to questions, tells journalists he had earlier event to do so

‘I’m not playing this game’ – PM refuses to reply to questions, telling journalists they could have asked them at an earlier press conference

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has refused to answer questions put to him by journalists, after insisting they had a chance to field their questions in an earlier press conference.

Muscat was leaving Fort St Angelo in Birgu after speaking at a conference on the launch of a single sightseeing pass for tourists.

As the conference wound down, a group of journalists took their place at the main entrance of the Admiralty Building to get ready to greet Muscat with their questions.

Muscat however proceeded to leave through a side-door, where another group of journalists was also waiting.

“I am not going to play this game, you could have asked them at this morning’s press-conference,” the PM said, as he calmly made his way down the building’s staircase.

Muscat exited the building followed by the journalists putting their questions to him, but refused to stop and reply to their questions, and kept on walking, before stopping and expressing his frustration once again the way the questioning was being carried out.

“I’m sorry but you knew about this, or else I won’t be answering to anymore of your questions,” Muscat said, once again reminding journalists that he had already addressed an earlier press conference.

Muscat was surrounded by his personal assistants and bodyguards, who also started telling journalists that they could have asked their questions at the earlier event.

Journalists remained without a response to their questions from the prime minister.