Police Commissioner’s resignation came too late, Delia says

Adrian Delia said that had Lawrence Cutajar resigned two years ago, the manipulation and obstruction to justice would not have been carried out

PN leader Adrian Delia said that while he welcomes Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar’s resignation, he feels that it came two years too late.

“Had he resigned two years ago, the manipulations and distractions to justice that were carried out under his watch would not have been carried out,” Delia said.

Delia was speaking during a phone-in interview on the party’s radio station NET FM.

“Those who were using him knew exactly that he was appointed to coverup the crimes that were being carried out from the Prime Minister’s office at Castille,” he said.

The opposition leader said that Robert Abela should welcome his suggestion of choosing the new police commissioner through a two-thirds parliamentary vote.

“With only this way can we ensure that the constitutional crisis our country has passed through can never be repeated again,” he said.

He also said that the country needs the 15 proposals aimed at promoting good governance which were presented by the PN in December.

Delia had emphasized that priority will be given to have the anti-corruption commission assume investigative powers to prosecute cases in court, and to immediately stop the sale of Maltese citizenship under the Individual Investor Programme.

Delia also said the PN wants to have independent media houses provide news bulletins on television, so as to guarantee the independence of the national broadcaster from the government of the day.

The proposals, according to Delia, will be the Opposition’s priority when parliament resumes next week.

“We haven’t presented these proposals to contest the government or for some partisan purpose, but because the country truly needs these changes if it looks to pick itself up from the political crisis it finds itself in,” he said.

Climate change will also be at the centre of the PN’s work in parliament, as he said that the issue truly needs full commitment from the government.

Delia also said that Abela still needs proper scrutiny, as his first moves have showed that he has not carried on with his promises.

“He first preached continuity to attract Joseph Muscat’s voters so he could become party leader, and then when he realised that he needed to please all of Malta, has started carrying out changes,” Delia concluded.