Getting it down to minus one means we’ve killed the virus for good, right?

The Siinny • No. 32 | Malta’s Infection Rate Drops to Below 1

What are we skinning? Malta’s COVID-19 infection rate dropping down to below 1.

Why are we skinning it? Well, first of all, it’s a welcome bit of good news. Secondly... it’s a welcome bit of good news.

Okay, I’m happy but confused: aren’t you the over-analytical one? Yes, you’re right. Am just taking the opportunity to bask in a little bit of positivity. I mean, social distancing means I’m down on my Vitamin D as well.

Okay, I’ll wait. Good, thanks.

Done? Alright, that’s enough happy thoughts for now. So, I think the rate dropping below 1 is down to a few very ‘Maltese’ factors. Or at least, Malteseness in this current political and cultural climate.

How so? Malta remains a post-colonial country with a deferential attitude towards its superiors, and we are prone to listen to orders. For the most part.

What?! Have you even been in traffic before COVID hit?! That’s why I added the ‘for the most part’ qualifier...

Not that I agree that we’re all that disciplined either, to be honest. As I alluded, it has little to do with discipline and everything to do with being scared. And there’s a big difference between ‘scared’ and ‘actively responsible’.

So you’re saying the Maltese have no backbone? Not really. I’m saying that we’ll bluff and bluster when we can, but also shut up and take it when we can’t. We know when to make the distinction.

If that’s true, this distinction has helped us survive. Yes, but it wouldn’t play out as such by itself.

I’m sure our relatively robust healthcare system and substantial economic coffers have a lot to do with it. Yes. Now here’s hoping we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot as hunting and construction continues to short-circuit good sense.   

Do say: “Malta’s infection rate dropping to below 1 should be cause for (socially distanced) celebration, but the bitter pill to swallow – in the absence of an actual COVID-killing drug pill – is that this very achievement can only be sustained by continuing to adhere to the post-pandemic health restrictions.”

Don’t say: “Getting it down to minus one means we’ve killed the virus for good, right?”