Prominent Christian leader stabbed during mass in Sydney church

Bishop stabbed during mass at Christ the Good Shepherd Church • A man has been arrested and is cooperating with police

A screenshot from the livestream of the mass during which the Christian leader was stabbed
A screenshot from the livestream of the mass during which the Christian leader was stabbed

A prominent Christian leader was stabbed at the altar during a mass at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, south-west Sydney, according to local reports.

The attack, which occurred just after 7pm on Monday evening, unfolded as Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was conducting a sermon that was being livestreamed online.

According to witnesses and media accounts, a man approached Bishop Emmanuel at the altar and reportedly stabbed towards his head multiple times. The congregation, captured in the live stream, quickly reacted and moved towards the bishop before the feed abruptly cut off.

Authorities have confirmed that several individuals, including the bishop, sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the attack. The injured parties are currently receiving medical treatment from New South Wales ambulance paramedics.

A male suspect was apprehended by law enforcement officers at the scene and is now in custody, assisting the police with their inquiries. The weapon used in the attack has not been identified at this time.

This incident comes shortly after a separate stabbing in Sydney, where six individuals lost their lives in a shopping mall attack. There is currently no evidence linking these two events.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel had gained recognition and a substantial online following during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to his virtual presence and ministry.

As authorities continue their investigation into this distressing occurrence, a police operation remains ongoing in Wakeley. The community is being urged to steer clear of the area to allow for the completion of the investigation and to ensure public safety.