ASMK organise first event for 2015

On Sunday 4 January 2015 the “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” organized the first motorsport event of the New Year. The Enduro section within ASMK organized the second Championship event which was sponsored by Pasta Poiatti and Dunlop.

Although the Association possesses permissions to organise such Enduro events be held outside the ASMK sports complex at Ta 'Qali, this event was an exception where the Enduro course was laid on and in between the Motocross and the Autocross tracks for the Enduro Motorcycles. This was possible thanks to several member/helpers under the leadership of Mr. Eddie Bonello. They managed to make a course of two kilometers with various types of driving routes suitable for both the novice and expert Enduro riders.
31 competitors registered and took part in this event which was divided into two classes. Class A for motorcycles under the 250cc and Class B for engines greater than 250cc. Class A was battled between thirteen riders and all struggled to make the best possible time laps of the two timed heats following the Pole Position.
During the day Joseph Scicluna riding a Honda 125cc 2T began to dominate this class during his 1st timed run where he registered a best time of 2 minutes 59.99 seconds. Scicluna continued to improve in his second Heat when he registered a best time of day in that class of 2 minutes 53.70 seconds and earning him first place in Class A. But the battle in Class A continued mainly for second and third places between Bernard Sammut on Yamaha YZ 125cc and Daniel Caruana on 125cc Honda CR. The fight between the pair for best time was sealed when Sammut registered his best time of 3 minutes 11.48 seconds in the second Heat while Caruana registered his best time of 3 minutes 11.50 seconds in the first Heat. Sammut won second place followed by Caruana with a narrow gap of just 0.02 seconds. Fourth place was won by Elvin Debono on a 250cc KTM with a best time of 3 minutes 11.69 seconds.
In Class B saw 16 competitors compete in this class. The battle for the lead here was expected between champion James Zahra on his Yamaha 250cc and Matthew Gauci on a 300cc KTM motorcycle. In the first Heat Gauci was seen at the front of the scale with a timed lap of 2 minutes 47.73 seconds while that of Zahra recorded 2 minutes 49.15 seconds. In the second heat Zahra was much determined where he improved in his timed lap and registered his 2nd lap at 2 minutes 43.69 seconds to finish and win first place in class followed by Gauci. Gauci closed the day in second place with his best time of 2 minutes 47.19 seconds. Third place was won by Edward Ciantar on KTM 200cc with a best time of 2 minutes 54.98 seconds. Andrew Cassar won fourth in Class B on his KTM 300 with a best time of 2 minutes 55.04 seconds.
The ASMK Enduro races also records and awards the overall winner’s result which once again was won by James Zahra on his Yamaha with a best time of 2 minutes 43.69 seconds. Matthew Gauci is Runner-up on his KTM with his best time of 2 minutes 47.19 seconds. Third place best time was recorded by Joseph Scicluna on his Honda with his best lap of 2 minutes 53.70 seconds.

More events by ASMK will take place on Sunday 11th January when the 6th program for the Autocross cars of the Gozo drivers class and of the Standard and Modified classes will take place in the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2014/15 championship. The program starts at 11: 00am while practice sessions will be held on Saturday afternoon.
Meanwhile after five events a brief look into the Autocross National Championship we find that Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo is leading at the top of the rankings with 111 points. Galea is followed close by Philip Vella on his Opel Corsa with 108 points. Third place ranking goes to Vince Farrugia on his Volkswagen Polo with 77 points while fourth place is Jason Martin with 71 points also on a VW Polo.

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