Can you handle the truth?
Josanne Cassar
[ANALYSIS] From the Panama outrage to Egrant deception
Egrant | Inquiry finds no evidence of Tillgate, Hearnville accounts at Pilatus Bank
Egrant | Inconsistencies magistrate flagged over Caruana Galizia and Efimova
‘No one forges documents to uncover the truth’
Prime Minister says Egrant inquiry could be published in matter of days
The Big Lie
Egrant | The Pilatus suitcase and the Baku flight: a conspiracy theory with legs... and wings
European socialists shocked by forged Egrant documents, welcome findings
Prime Minister’s spouse speaks out: Egrant affair has scarred us for life
After Egrant, Pilatus and FIAU ‘whistleblowers’ accusing each other of lying
[WATCH] Delia says PN must accept inquiry findings  if it truly believes in the rule of law
[WATCH] A sense of vindication
Saviour Balzan
Labour insists on Simon Busuttil's resignation
Updated | ‘Simon Busuttil not fit for purpose to serve on EU panel that appoints judges’, Miriam Dalli says
Updated | Adrian Delia faces growing rebellion over Simon Busuttil resignation call
Updated | 'Magistrate unable to say Muscat is guiltless': Caruana Galizia family reacts to Egrant inquiry
International media reacts to Egrant findings
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat sheds tears of relief after 15-month ordeal
[WATCH] Updated | Adrian Delia has asked Simon Busuttil to resign from PN parliamentary group
Simon Busuttil will not resign after Egrant inquiry exonerates Muscats
Caruana Galizia, Efimova, Pierre Portelli discredited by Egrant magisterial inquiry
[READ] The Egrant magisterial inquiry report released by the Attorney General
[WATCH] Egrant | Magistrate says Panama company not Muscat’s, PM calls for Busuttil’s resignation
Egrant inquiry: Activists leave suitcases outside PM’s summer residence at Girgenti
Updated | Egrant inquiry concluded and handed to Attorney General
Magistrate interviewed ‘hundreds’ over Egrant
In new book on Muscat’s decade as PL leader, PM talks about Egrant saga
[WATCH] We asked Joseph Muscat why he ignored 17 Black evidence at Workers' Day mass meeting
Just a movie full of bad guys
Saviour Balzan
Updated | Pilatus whistleblower Efimova surrenders to Greek police
Pilatus wanted jury trial in the US against Caruana Galizia for millions in damages
Let the real truth come out
Josanne Cassar
Russian whistleblower faces Cypriot arrest warrant after complaint from former employer
Looking back at 2017 | Egrant: how Caruana Galizia pushed Muscat into an early election
Prime Minister: Egrant allegations an ‘obscene lie’, promise to resign if any truth found still stands
Russian whistleblower did not pass any documents to delegation, MEP reveals
Government hits back at criticism over Egrant whistleblower arrest warrant
The one that got away
Josanne Cassar
Egrant whistleblower to be arrested after courtroom no-show

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