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Fight between two elderly women erupts in Siggiewi pharmacy
Court & Police 18:17

Grandmother and five-year-old boy hospitalised following argument in Siggiewi pharmacy

Appeals court grants man accused of road rage assault bail
Court & Police 17:25

The court heard how the defendant stoped his own vehicle, opened the officer's car door and punched him se...
Chilean businessman fighting extradition claims home country won't give him fair trail
Court & Police 17:18

"What is the probability that the day after I pay everyone's payroll, the accounts are frozen, everyo...
Updated | Suspected drug trafficker arrested in Drug Squad operation
Court & Police 12:31

Melvin Cini, 26, appeared in court charged with the aggravated possession of every basic illicit recreational ...
Times faces libel over FTS allegations
Court & Police 11:11

Education minister Evarist Bartolo has filed libel proceedings against the editor of the Sunday Times of Malta...
Fire breaks out in St Paul's Bay apartment, Briton treated for smoke inhalation
Court & Police 10:33

A British man was taken to hospital due to smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in his apartment, no injuri...
Fire engulfs car following crash, woman grievously injured
Court & Police 07:33

A woman is being treated for grievous injuries after her car caught fire as a result of an accident
Armed thief makes off with woman's bag
Court & Police 19-01

An armed thief made off with a woman's bag, which contained cash, after threatening her with sharp weapon
Three band club committee members cleared of storing explosives in residential area
Court & Police 19-01

Three more members of the Naxxar Peace Band Club organising committee have been cleared of illicitly storing e...
Medicines Authority: emergency contraception does not cause abortion
Court & Police 19-01

Medicines Authority replies to Life Network Foundation: emergency contraception does not cause abortion, would...
Afriqiyah hijack | Pilot chose Malta: 'We're taught not to give hijackers exactly what they want'
Court & Police 19-01

Afriqiyah Airways hijackers wanted to land in Rome but veteran pilot Ali Muhammad told the Maltese courts that...
Motorcyclist grievously injured in traffic collision
Court & Police 19-01

A motorcyclist has been hospitalised after sustaining grievous injuries in a traffic accident
Former SMU officer wins libel case over In-Nazzjon article
Court & Police 19-01

Former In-Nazzjon editor Nathaniel Attard has been ordered to pay €3,000 in libel damages to ex-Special M...
Chilean businessman wanted for extradition ‘a victim of state prosecution’
Court & Police 18-01

Defence lawyer says Alberto Chang-Rajii who is wanted for extradition, ‘a victim of state prosecution&rs...
Lawyer David Gatt cleared of involvement in HSBC heists
Court & Police 18-01

Court slams testimony of the star witness against David Gatt, calling it 'entirely unbelievable,'...
Enemalta oil scandal | Speaker’s ruling subject to Court’s scrutiny
Court & Police 18-01

The judge hearing the Constitutional case filed by Tancred Tabone has decreed that rulings by the Sp...