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Maltese in drunken bar brawl accused of injuring a woman in Rome
Court & Police 13-01

A Maltese man has been accused of injuring a woman after he was involved in a drunken bar fight in Rome
Gunshots fired at Ta’ Giorni apartment
Court & Police 13-01

Shots were fired at a Ta' Giorni apartment at around 2:45am, no one injured
Court rejects request to suspend Gaffarena expropriation case
Court & Police 12-01

Court holds off further sale of controversial property to Marco Gaffarena
Cop gives account of road rage attack by martial arts practitioner
Court & Police 12-01

A police officer who was assaulted in his car while being off-duty has given his account of a road rage attack...
Hijackers identified themselves by putting hands up, court hears
Court & Police 12-01

In the compilation of evidence against hijack suspects Moussa Shah Soko and Ali Ahmed Saleh, a soldier describ...
Three hospitalised after collision with ready-mix truck in Qormi
Court & Police 12-01

Three people have been hospitalised after a car and a ready-mix truck collided in Qormi
Prosecutor dares defence to back up arguments with evidence in people-smuggling trial
Court & Police 11-01

A prosecutor at the trial of an Ethiopian man accused of smuggling 181 African migrants has challeng...
Mangion Walker murder | Suspect refuses to testify against man accused of hiding body
Court & Police 11-01

Andrew Mangion, suspected of murdering his wife, Eleanor Mangion Walker, has refused to testify in the compila...
Man accused of punching wife on the nose granted bail, a week after arraignment
Court & Police 11-01

The court had initially denied the accused bail due to the risk that he attempt to suborn witnesses, but after...
Constitutional court revokes businessman's bail until final decision on extradition to Lithuania
Court & Police 10-01

Angelo Frank Spiteri, the director of a Lithuanian-registered travel company, is wanted in Lithuania to face f...
Update 2 | 'I was just a passenger,' man accused of people smuggling tells jury
Court & Police 10-01

Hadish Abayu, accused of people smuggling, has told jurors that he was one of the migrants seeking to cross th...
Shoplifters admit to theft caught on CCTV
Court & Police 10-01

A court has condemned two men to a two-year suspended sentence after they pleaded guilty to cha...
Man jailed for 22 months for stealing mobile phones from Paceville club
Court & Police 10-01

A man has been convicted of theft, aggravated by time and value of the item stolen, and handed a 22-month...
Serial fraudster jailed for 2008 fraud
Court & Police 10-01

Serial fraudster Olaf Cini has been jailed for 17 months for filing a false police report in 2008
Drug reforms don’t let traffickers off the hook, Court says in 40-month jail decision
Court & Police 10-01

A court has held that recent amendments to drug laws did not mean that the accused could expect to escape...