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'I don't have a drug problem. I have a problem getting fed' - 22-year-old thief tells court
Court & Police 14-09

Troubled youngster admits that he had to resort to theft to feed himself  
Violent drunk tasered in police station rampage, court told
Court & Police 14-09

The 35-year-old was arraigned under arrest, accused with threatening police offers and disobeying orders, amon...
Cospicua man remanded in custody over false report and threats
Court & Police 14-09

The 26-year-old falsely accused his sister of theft and threatened both her and his mother
Fake landlord jailed for eight years over €21,000 fraud
Court & Police 14-09

Police Inspector Matthew Vella charged Alexia Micallef with 26 counts of fraud, as well as recidivism and brea...
Updated | Mother and daughter caught in house fire in Zurrieq
Court & Police 14-09

The mother is in serious condition, the police's communications office confirmed
Cospicua man remanded in custody over false report, threats
Court & Police 14-09

The 26 year-old allegedly reported his sister to the police for a theft which he knew she had not committed.
Motorcyclist suffers grievous injuries in traffic accident
Court & Police 14-09

A 27-year-old motorcyclist is being treated for his injuries while the other driver escapes without injury
Fake landlord outed on Facebook
Court & Police 13-09

At least seven Macedonian and Serbian nationals are believed to have been conned out of around €800 each ...
Police patrol catches man selling drugs on the street
Court & Police 13-09

A man has been arraigned under arrest on charges of selling cannabis after being caught in the act by a passin...
Teenage tourists admit to shoplifting sportswear
Court & Police 13-09

Four Italian youths were arraigned in court this morning, charged with aggravated theft from a sportswear stor...
Patrick Spiteri's European Arrest Warrant does not authorise detention, says lawyer
Court & Police 13-09

Following his arrest in the UK on the strength of various European Arrest Warrants and being extradited to Mal...
Extradited conman Patrick Spiteri claims prison inmate has scabies
Court & Police 12-09

Former lawyer clamouring for house arrest refusing to stay in Corradino’s division 15 due to scabies-inf...
Unpaid Pjazza Teatru Rjal manager conditionally discharged for misappropriating ticket money
Court & Police 12-09

Some of the misappropriated money was allegedly used to pay an employee who had not received any wages for sev...
Bailed murder suspect granted bail again on armed robbery charges
Court & Police 12-09

A Libyan man currently on bail for a 2005 murder has been granted bail after being arrested in Qormi, in conne...
Missionary benefactor accused of slandering priest on Christmas Eve
Court & Police 11-09

Priest tells court that the benefactor would use prostitutes whilst on missionary work in Guatemala and p...