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What will happen to EU citizens after Brexit?
Europe 26-06

British Prime Minister Theresa May reassured European leaders that none of the three million EU citizens curre...
Theresa May makes 'fair and serious' offer on rights of EU citizens in UK
Europe 23-06

Theresa May made a 'fair and serious offer' to European Union leaders over the contenti...
Inspired by John Lennon, EU's Donald Tusk ‘imagines’ no Brexit
Europe 22-06

European Council President Donald Tusk suggests that the door remains open to the UK staying in the EU
German MEP claims Prime Minister 'stimulated socialist dinosaurs' to attack him
National 22-06

German MEP Werner Langen brushes off criticism, telling MaltaToday that he cannot take the personal reproaches...
Theresa May to outline guarantees for EU expats in Britain
Europe 22-06

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to offer a quick agreement on residency for EU nationals and employm...
The EU’s own army? 55% of Maltese say ‘yes’
National 20-06

55% of the Maltese say they favour the creation of an EU army, according to a survey held by the European Comm...
41 MEPs paying rent to national political party, investigations yield
Europe 19-06

A series of investigations across the 28 member states found at least 41 cases where MEPs pay rent to national...
Britain, EU launch historic Brexit talks in Brussels
Europe 19-06

The European Union and Britain on Monday start formal talks to separate after 44 years of UK membership
EU terrorism report: 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks in 2016
Europe 15-06

In 2016, 142 victims died in terrorist attacks and 379 were injured in the European Union
Harness and proactively regulate disruptive digital innovations, Muscat urges
Europe 15-06

The Prime Minister told the EU’s digital assembly that Europe must not be afraid to become the blockchai...
European Parliament takes leading role as Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement
Europe 15-06

The Effort Sharing Regulation sets emission reduction targets for Member States for the period 2021–2030...
Muscat: ‘Panama debate shows PN MEPs have learned nothing from election
Europe 14-06

Joseph Muscat: 'PN MEPs are playing the same broken record that the people have rejected...they learned no...
Muscat puts up staunch defence as MEPs take Malta to task over tax and Panama
Europe 14-06

MEPs in a poorly-attended debate on the rule of law of Malta take Muscat to task: ‘We will insist t...
Greens want Malta to be investigated over breach of EU money laundering laws
Europe 14-06

German MEP Sven Giegold: 'Malta is now widely seen as a tax haven... its democracy is sliding towards Hung...
‘Roam like at home’ rules come into force tomorrow
Europe 14-06

The Roam Like at Home legislation enters into force tomorrow allowing Europeans travelling within EU countries...