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If it made things ‘simpler’, Muscat would take blame for migration
Europe 04-07

Malta’s prime minister says EU leaders are to blame for lack of solidarity among member states on irregu...
Poor MEP attendance for Malta’s end-of-presidency speech raises Juncker’s ire
Europe 04-07

Jean-Claude Juncker lashes out at ‘ridiculous’ European Parliament after only 30 MEPs turned up fo...
EU holds migration crisis talks as Italy threatens to close ports
Europe 03-07

European ministers are to meet for crisis talks as Italy warns the influx of migrants into the country is unsu...
Malta's EU presidency secures broad political agreement on setting up EU asylum agency
Europe 29-06

The agreement is part of the EU's efforts to have a fully-fledged EU Agency for Asylum that is better able...
Brexit could cost EU €20 billion, commissioner warns
Europe 29-06

Günther Oettinger, the European commissioner for the budget, said the loss to the bloc had to be acknowle...
EU fines Google record €2.42 billion for breaching competition rules
Europe 27-06

The European Union has fined Google €2.42 billion for breaching competition rules in online shopping serv...
Energy ministers agree on revised directives for energy efficiency, buildings performance
Europe 26-06

Maltese presidency of the EU’s energy council secures two agreements targeting directives on energy effi...
European Court of Auditors head in Malta on Europe-wide ‘roadshow’
National 26-06

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna warns against taking the European institution for granted 
What will happen to EU citizens after Brexit?
Europe 26-06

British Prime Minister Theresa May reassured European leaders that none of the three million EU citizens curre...
Theresa May makes 'fair and serious' offer on rights of EU citizens in UK
Europe 23-06

Theresa May made a 'fair and serious offer' to European Union leaders over the contenti...
Inspired by John Lennon, EU's Donald Tusk ‘imagines’ no Brexit
Europe 22-06

European Council President Donald Tusk suggests that the door remains open to the UK staying in the EU
German MEP claims Prime Minister 'stimulated socialist dinosaurs' to attack him
National 22-06

German MEP Werner Langen brushes off criticism, telling MaltaToday that he cannot take the personal reproaches...
Theresa May to outline guarantees for EU expats in Britain
Europe 22-06

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to offer a quick agreement on residency for EU nationals and employm...
The EU’s own army? 55% of Maltese say ‘yes’
National 20-06

55% of the Maltese say they favour the creation of an EU army, according to a survey held by the European Comm...
41 MEPs paying rent to national political party, investigations yield
Europe 19-06

A series of investigations across the 28 member states found at least 41 cases where MEPs pay rent to national...