Dance is for the people | Elements Dance Collective

Spearheaded by Artistic Director Mavin Khoo as part of Evenings on Campus, the Elements Dance Collective will present a ‘Triple Bill’ performance on August 9 at Atriju Vassalli, University Campus.

The Elements Dance Collective. Photo by Dorianne Attard.
The Elements Dance Collective. Photo by Dorianne Attard.

Involving the community

Seeing how dance is possibly one of the least sought-after art forms on this island, we would like to combine dance with other different art forms like theatre or with local musicians and visual artists in order to create a holistic environment for people to appreciate. Moreover, it seems that dance has a particular stigma, especially with certain styles such as ballet. Therefore dance at times may be an art form that people can least relate to because they may think that dance is only about beauty, or that it's perhaps an art form for the elite. Yet, we think differently. We think that dance can be appreciated by everyone and can be done by everyone in a variety of contexts. In fact, we want to try to achieve this by doing more site-specific work rather than just performances at a theatre which may foment a certain kind of social stigma.

Triple Bill - what to expect

The three pieces within the show radically different from each other. We start with an ensemble piece which has classical aspects taken to an extreme. Yet, this classical element is somewhat distorted throughout the piece. This is followed with a ritualistic duet which incorporates movements influenced by Capoeira and Martial Arts. We end the performance with a comical dance piece which involves a theatrical aspect. 

The group's dynamic

We come from different dance backgrounds and we also have different artistic preferences therefore this creates a variety of ideas and perspectives. While some of us have a keen sense of design, others are more technologically inclined. Therefore when we bring it all together, the ideas could be infinite.

Do we appreciate dance?

We personally think that dance might still be a bit of a 'niche' interest and as stated earlier, or that it might be because some people believe that dance is for the 'elite'. However, these last few years the dance scene on the island seems to be opening its doors to collaborating with other art forms and thus appealing to a wider audience. We also believe that having dance in public places such as a piazza will promote interest among people in general. We had our premiere performance in St George's Square, Valletta as a means of stating that dance, which is not only a means of entertainment but can also be intellectual, should be accessible to the general public.

The performance starts at 21:00. Tickets at €8 can be booked by calling 23 402043/2142 or via SMS 79 843480 or by email through [email protected]