The Dame in the woods | Malcolm Galea

Ahead of his adventure at this year’s Masquerade panto – The Little Red Riding Hood And You Know Who – at the Manoel Theatre, actor and comedian Malcolm Galea speaks to us about what it’s like to be the Dame.

Malcolm Galea.
Malcolm Galea.

What do you like to receive in your fruit basket?

I'm afraid I don't receive fruit baskets anywhere near as often as I'd prefer. However if I was ever blessed with an abundance of fruit baskets coming my way, I'd wish for them to be replete with pineapples. They amuse me.

How do you think young girls should behave?

Pretty much exactly the same as young boys should behave - except for the whole 'pee standing up' thing: they should avoid that.

On a related note, what are some of the dangers young girls face today?

Off the top of my head I'd say societal expectations, inevitable disappointment, low self esteem, high self esteem, false friends, dodgy role-models, peer pressure, fast food and unscrupulous warlords from the future. I'm sure there are others though.

What are your favourite techniques for vanquishing wolves?

Up until now I've always relied on a flamethrower but since becoming a father I've been trying to be a good example for my sons. Now I no longer try to vanquish them as such but rely on dialogue and a series of common interests in order to better understand where they're coming from and try to meet them halfway.

Why would you say kids will enjoy your upcoming adventure at the Manoel Theatre?

They'll recognise the original fairy tale hidden beneath all the cool plot twists and outrageous humour and they'll be captivated by the storyline and characters while (hopefully) missing many of the jokes...

The Little Red Riding Hood and You Know Who will be staged at the Manoel Theatre from December 26 to January 6.