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77 fines for quarantine breach since start of COVID-19 pandemic
Court & Police
National security minister says police carried out 24,019 inspections on people...
Employer organisations slam price capping decision by government
Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of SMEs say government’s decision to cap...
People told to wear visors not face masks when visiting banks
The Malta Bankers’ Association says the use of surgical face masks...
Updated | Pharmacists lift directive not to sell face masks
Compensation package will make up for any losses incurred due to wholesale...
Protective measures installed as court reopens on Monday
Court & Police
Judges and employees will be provided with masks 
80 drivers fined for over speeding on Sunday
Court & Police
One driver was clocked at 143 kph 
Mayo Clinic head praises Malta’s efforts in combatting COVID-19
‘We will learn from your experience and use it to inform our own...
[WATCH] PN leader says secret negotiations will earn Steward €100 million if contract fails
Adrian Delia slams PM over treatment of journalists during Workers’ Day...