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Data Protection Commissioner asked to investigate secret toilet camera photos
The court heard on Monday that alleged money launderer Albert Butigieg captured...
Fire breaks out in Ta’ Qali warehouse
Court & Police
Civil Protection Department officers battling flames in Ta’ Qali...
COVID-19: Authorities fine over 720 people for not wearing a mask
Enforcement authorities fine 939 people for coronavirus regulation breaches
PN proposes inmates addicted to drugs be treated outside prison
Nationalist Party unveils proposals for prison reform • Beppe Fenech...
Money launderer spied on women with secret toilet cameras
Court & Police
Court expert testifies how alleged money launderer had thousands of photos of...
Carmel Chircop died with two gunshot wounds to the stomach
Court & Police
The compilation of evidence against Adrian Agius, his brother Robert...
[WATCH] Marlene Farrugia: Removing the stigma around abortion will save more lives
Independent MP Marlene Farrugia says there is no use in criminalising abortion,...
Police looking for silver Mitsubishi involved in St Paul’s Bay hit-and-run
Court & Police
Police have appealed to the public for assistance in tracing a silver...