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Former planning minister Deborah Schembri is new director for developers’ lobby
Former parliamentary secretary responsible for planning Deborah Schembri...
First quarter of 2021 sees 4,921 new vehicles registered in Malta
Stock of vehicles registers net increase of 1,876 cars
COVID-19: Government launches €20 million financial package and tax credits
Incentives will stimulate Maltese business in important summer of recovery
Justice delayed: 77 cases, major crimes, still await trial by jury
Court & Police
Longest pending trial by jury stretches back to 2013
[WATCH] IVF: Grech non-committal on embryo genetic testing, says medication cost is pressing concern
Opposition leader Bernard Grech says the discussion on pre-implantation genetic...
Tourists coming to Malta for diving activities to get €100 voucher
Minister Clayton Bartolo announces recovery schemes aimed at attracting...
[WATCH] Hardline stance crucial for prisoner rehabilitation, minister insists
Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri defends prison administration: finalised...
[WATCH] Rent reform is fair and transparent, Social Housing minister says
Social Housing Minister Roderick Galdes says current legislation protecting...