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Ambjent Malta workers injured in Sunday morning incident
Court & Police
Two Ambjent Malta workers injured while carrying works in Qawra on Sunday...
[WATCH] PM: New COVID restrictions ‘difficult but crucial’
Prime Minister Robert Abela says government decisions have always been based on...
Francis Zammit Dimech will not contest Secretary General role
Nationalist Party secretary general Francis Zammit Dimech will not be...
Motorcyclist injured in St Paul’s Bay accident
Court & Police
37-year-old hospitalized following Saturday night traffic accident
It finally comes home: Malta holds its breath as Italy face England in Euro final
A true treat for Maltese supporters tonight: a final between the titans that...
Spaniard with 1.2kg of cannabis in suitcase foiled by airport scanner
Madrid flight passenger attempted to bring through airport 1.2kg of cannabis...
COVID-19: English language schools to close, only vaccinated people allowed into Malta, Fearne says
From 14 July English language schools to close and vaccination certificates to...
Social accommodation ministry launches study on people making use of social housing
The study will help in the establishment of a care plan for people in need of...