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Prime Minister ‘incorrect’ to use Castille to enter Labour stage – Peter Agius
Europe 2019
PN MEP candidate Peter Agius calls out Joseph Muscat for using the prime...
Arnold Cassola wins ballot sheet logo battle
Europe 2019
Independent candidates can have a logo next to their name on the ballot sheet
Hili Company acquires logistics hub in Latvia
Business News
Maltese company Mariner Logistics has acquired a business and logistics hub on...
PN will not close doors to foreign workers but plan is needed - Karl Gouder
Europe 2019
On Workers’ Day the Nationalist Party insists the country has to attract...
New construction watchdog is still a White Paper
A new construction watchdog proposed by the government last year is nowhere...
PN calls for ‘serious analysis’ of early school leavers phenomenon
Europe 2019
Students leaving school with no skills are being squeezed out of the market by...
[WATCH] Social housing will no longer be inherited - Prime Minister
Policy change will impact new social housing cases
[WATCH] Magistrate's ruling on Panama inquiry 'proof rule of law exists', Muscat says
Prime Minister welcomes ruling that widens 17 Black inquiry to include Panama...