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COVID-19: One death and 62 new cases registered
22 November COVID-19 update | 62 new cases • 866 active cases • 12...
New COVID cases in Malta surge to 79, hospitalisations drop • Austria to go into full lockdown
19 November COVID-19 update | 79 new cases • 753 active cases • 13...
Finance minister: controversial tax scheme will not be repealed despite criticism
Finance Minister Clyde Caruana says accusations government was was going...
Lucienne Camilleri: ‘I’m a resilient perfectionist... and an addictive theatre-goer!’
Q & A
Artistic director and scriptwriter Lucienne Camilleri tells all in our Q&A
COVID-19: Active cases surpass 700, 66 new cases registered
18 November COVID-19 update | 66 new cases • 704 active cases • 15...
The transgender candidates contesting the next general election
Alex Mangion, Kassandra Mallia, and Mina Jack Tolu are three transgender...
My essentials: Chris Dingli’s cultural picks
Cultural Diary
No 7 | Chris Dingli, 41, Actor, Writer, Comedian 
Council will vote against Dingli hotel, Graffitti hits out at planning travesty
Moviment Graffitti dubs permit application for Dingli hotel a “shameless...