Unfair of Prime Minister to blame COVID spike on migrants, doctors’ union says
Medical Association of Malta says it was government's decision...
European Cockpit Association demands recall of dismissal of 69 Air Malta pilots
The European Cockpit Association said that the dismissal was...
Hot and sticky weather but no heatwave, as Met Office expects rain on Thursday
The Meteorological Office says hot weather in Malta is not a heatwave...
Matthew James: ‘I’m in a nostalgic mood so I’m going through my Depeche Mode collection’
Q & A
The former Red Electrick frontman takes the MaltaToday Q&A
Six new COVID-19 cases overnight from Radisson hotel weekend party
Six new cases of COVID-19 have been registered overnight, all linked to...
Travel agents: Maltese still wary of travel
Tourist agents say that Maltese customers are still wary of travelling...
People living in fear of dying in a house collapse, Gwardamanga collapse victim says
Janet Walker, whose home collapsed next to a construction site in 2019, said...
Teen who went missing for three weeks found in 'good health,' police say
Court & Police
Luana Borg, 15, has been found in 'good health' the police said on...