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DNA is not the only evidence to establish the paternity of a child
Law Report
In the absence of DNA, declaration of the parents of a child could be...
Plaintiffs’ plea will be rejected when claims are not directed towards ‘proper and relevant’ defendant
Law Report
 The plaintiff held that he had purchased a property on the island and had...
Court requires ‘best proof’ of the contestation of a debt alleged by a government authority
Law Report
This was decreed by Magistrate Dr Francis Depasquale in the case of Automated...
Surname change from foreign ‘deed poll’ effected in Malta subject to proof
Law Report
Once the defendant received the original marriage certificate and registered...
Six-month period on unjust administrative decision cannot be interrupted or suspended
Law Report
Plaintiff claimed that the administrative decision leading to the termination...
If there is no fraud, the best evidence rule should apply on the quantum of a claim
Law Report
The Court held that although there is a difference between the valuation of a...
Knowledge of spoliation is sufficient
Law Report
The defendant need not be the person who carried out the spoliation, but the...
A hint of acceptance of a debt interrupts prescription
Law Report
In their application V&C held that it is owed €49996.15 by Tlata...