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Court denies that man who was passed a bag of drugs by girlfriend was guilty of possession
Law Report
The Court, in looking at the evidence, commented on how the plaintiff had not...
Refund of deposit takes place when promise of sale expires
Law Report
The Court ordered that a deposit paid on a promise of sale of a property be...
Lessees may lose their rights to agricultural land if farms and/or any other integral buildings are not maintained
Law Report
The Court heard the counterclaim by the defendants who stated that the farm had...
An agreement for payment of debt contradicts claim for non-execution of bill of exchange due to grave circumstances
Law Report
The action was instituted following a judicial letter which George Spiteri...
Attorney General’s newest procedural right to appeal to find retroactive application
Law Report
The Court explained that procedural criminal law has effective and immediate...
DNA is not the only evidence to establish the paternity of a child
Law Report
In the absence of DNA, declaration of the parents of a child could be...
Plaintiffs’ plea will be rejected when claims are not directed towards ‘proper and relevant’ defendant
Law Report
 The plaintiff held that he had purchased a property on the island and had...
Court requires ‘best proof’ of the contestation of a debt alleged by a government authority
Law Report
This was decreed by Magistrate Dr Francis Depasquale in the case of Automated...