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Warrant of prohibitory injunction approved irrespective of special hypothec
Law Report
A Magistrate’s Court upheld an application for a warrant of prohibitory...
When buyer discovers defect, he must take legal action within six months
Law Report
The Magistrates Court upheld a plea of prescription because the buyer of a car...
Court rules that articles of law need not necessarily be mentioned at the conclusion of a judgment
Law Report
A judgment is not null and void if the Court fails to mention all the...
No revocation of garnishee order if filed correctly
Law Report
If a garnishee order is filed according to law, then it should not be revoked,...
Allegation of payment must be proved
Law Report
In the case where a plaintiff is seeking payment and the defendant alleges that...
Vicarious liability in charge sheet must be indicated
Law Report
A person who is being charged with a crime committed when holding a...
No need of judicial acts before appeals before Administrative Review Tribunal
Law Report
The Administrative Review Tribunal turned down a plea from the Ministry of...
Police statement dismissed as hearsay evidence unless corroborated in court
Law Report
A magistrate’s court held that a statement given to the police...