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Appeals of Small Claims Tribunal are limited to points of law
Law Report
A Court of Appeal presiding over a case of Fogg Insurance Agencies Ltd noe...
Legislation failed to protect workers from asbestos
Law Report
A court held that the legislation concerning workers handling asbestos was...
Actions must be filed within the prescribed time
Law Report
A court turned down an action which was instituted after a 20-day period...
Confusion in products is unfair competition
Law Report
The fact that one gas distributor also filled the gas cylinders of competitors...
Documentary evidence must be produced
Law Report
It is not sufficient for a witness to simply testify on a document if it is not...
Notification of judicial letter essential to interrupt prescription
Law Report
A court has ruled that for prescription to be interrupted, a defendant must be...
Lease taken over by widow is not a sublease
Law Report
The act of a widow taking over the lease of a butcher shop does not constitute...
Property above and below land belongs to the landowner
Law Report
Whoever has the ownership of the land has also that of the space above it, and...