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Our faith in the institutions
The fact there is so much mistrust in the institutions has turned into the...
When one plea may cancel another
Law Report
A plea claiming that an action is time barred, may be cancelled if one...
Judicial review proceedings must commence within six months
Law Report
The First Hall of the Civil Courts refused to consider whether the suspension...
An agreement must be kept, come what may
Law Report
The Court of Appeal, presided by Mr Justice Anthony Ellul, ruled that an...
Serious lack of maintenance of rented premises may bring about eviction
Law Report
'When a tenant fails to perform maintenance, which leads to serious damage...
Harassment takes place when there is a multitude of incidents
Law Report
The Police V Tristan Tedesco - he was charged with having escaped from police...
Sentencing an under-aged person must be done with care
Law Report
The Magistrates Court held that when a youth is being sentenced, the court must...
Eviction cannot be blocked by the Court, if it has already been carried out
Law Report
The First Hall of the Civil Court turned down a warrant issue request of...