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Constitutional Court confirms unjust nature of band club rental laws, raises compensation sums
Law Report
his case was an appeal by the defendants who held that the decision taken by...
Court confirms revocation of pension  and refund of pensionable funds
Law Report
The Director General has the responsibility to decide to revoke a pension...
Housewife and pensioner still entitled to permanent disability compensation following accident
Law Report
The Civil Court held in its judgement that the driver who hit a pedestrian...
Communication undertakings such as Vodafone to continue paying the cost of legal interception obligations
Law Report
The Court concluded that the only way by which the Authorities could be found...
Carpenter has to pay for difference of prices for replacement works
Law Report
The Magistrate’s Court in Gozo ordered a carpenter to pay for the...
Trial periods for new employees are subject to the law
Law Report
The Police had accused Khalifa, an owner of a business, with failing to pay the...
Agricultural lease is terminated  due to illegal construction
Law Report
The defendants filed a statement of defence and in it they claimed that the...
Court highlights importance of accuracy on charge sheet in criminal proceedings; the absence of which will free defendant
Law Report
Unless the evidence produced, and the charges brought correspond to what is on...