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Summary dismissal of employees is the exception not the rule
Law Report
A recent Appeals Court case determined that an employer may only dismiss an...
Court does not accept clauses that hide an elevated interest rate on loan
Law Report
The court found that any loan agreement which hides the fact that more than 8%...
If you are appointed by a minister, you are Government
Law Report
he Court indicated that although the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage has a...
Appeals Court annuls judgement after Court fails to list articles of law
Law Report
In the case of Police vs Keith Pace, the Court of Criminal Appeal declared that...
Elements of an action sufficient for that action to be sustained
Law Report
e type of action does not need to be explicitly pointed out, however if the...
Court is limited to its competency
Law Report
The Magistrates’ Court may award damages limited to it the amount it is...
Don’t press ‘like’ on the competition’s Facebook page
Law Report
The Court of Appeal agreed with an employer who gave a warning to an employee...
Tables and chairs or parking spaces? That is the question
Law Report
The Administrative Review Tribunal held that the Lands Authority has a right to...