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Tribunal rebukes Transport Malta for prejudicing persons by having access to an old application on their website
Law Report
The Tribunal held that in this case, it was clear that the applicant was...
A right not falling precisely within original claim may be decided upon by Courts
Law Report
The First Court concluded that when a claim is made which does not exceed the...
Court takes into consideration feast traditions
Law Report
The Magistrates Court took into consideration the long-standing tradition that...
Disability caused by medical procedures places onus of proof on professional
Law Report
While the plaintiff must prove the link between the medical accident and the...
Union cannot decide instead of member
Law Report
A union cannot finalise an agreement with an employer without the explicit...
Tenant’s surviving relative ordered to vacate rented property
Law Report
The Tribunal said that evidence showed that the plaintiff’s deceased...
Pensioners can be awarded damages for permanent disability
Law Report
The court found that despite being the age of 83, she was still entitled to...
Co-owners may be given the keys of the common property
Law Report
The First Hall of the Civil Courts held that all co-owners have a right to the...