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Discrimination is the difference in treatment of the same situation
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In a judgment delivered on 5 December in Mark Muscat v HSBC, it was held...
Rent Regulation Board, not the courts, is competent to hear all cases concerning rent
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The First Hall of Civil Court decided it was not competent to hear cases...
Court removes parental authority from disinterested father
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A judgement delivered on 21 November in LB v Dr Christopher Chircop and PL L...
Party cannot be in default if time period within which to reply has not elapsed
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In a family law dispute named AB v CB, the plaintiffs asked the court to remove...
Parties may compete with different titles over the same properties
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In a judgement delivered in Joseph Camilleri and Michael Camilleri v John Mary...
The repossession of a property must be clearly mentioned as an action of spoliation
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Arnaud's mother lived in a property in Valletta but once she passed away,...
When a customer tells a service provider to stop, it means stop
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The Small Claims Tribunal ruled that with the expiration of a TV contract, it...
Our faith in the institutions
The fact there is so much mistrust in the institutions has turned into the...