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Partial deprivation of right to property still breach of human rights
Law Report
Partial deprivation of one’s interest in or right over his own property...
Medical evidence crucial in HIV contamination case
Law Report
An alleged HIV infection took place in 2012, but the only test carried out by...
Late shipment leads to revocation of contract
Law Report
The First Hall of the Civil Courts agreed to rescind a contract after the...
Court of Criminal Appeal unconvinced by prosecution’s version of events
Law Report
The Court of Criminal Appeal upheld an appeal lodged by former employers,...
Court pinpoints offence  for using false card at an ATM
Law Report
These persons were taking money directly from personal accounts of individuals...
Judge gives the history of the Courts’ summer recess
Law Report
The Court held that the Code does not make any reference to when the recess...
Criminal inconvenience must be grave, continuous and intense
Law Report
Usta was accused of operating a loud speaker, gramophone, amplifier etc and...
Prohibitory injunction upheld only if it protects right
Law Report
The Court turned down the application to issue the warrant...