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A hint of acceptance of a debt interrupts prescription
Law Report
In their application V&C held that it is owed €49996.15 by Tlata...
No need of interpretation when the wording of a contract is clear
Law Report
The Court does not need to try to interpret an agreement, when the wording is...
Prescription period for compensation of works between parts, commences upon split
Law Report
Whosoever, without a just cause, enriches himself to the detriment of others...
Unclear claims may be deduced from premises
Law Report
Although a claim listed in an application may be unclear, other premises...
A bank guarantee is an autonomous obligation
Law Report
A bank guarantee is intended to allow comfort for the bank to be paid for...
Extension of contract means an increase in payment
Law Report
The Court of Appeal ruled that even though there is a fixed price contract, if...
Couple responsible for damages irrespective of subsequent separation
Law Report
In a Court of Appeal judgement delivered on 11 December 2017, in Romina Sah...
Discrimination is the difference in treatment of the same situation
Law Report
In a judgment delivered on 5 December in Mark Muscat v HSBC, it was held...