Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.

European Court awards prisoner €5,000 over lack of remedy for detention condition complaints
Court & Police
The European Court of Human Rights has awarded an inmate at Corradino...
Appeals court confirms acquittal of man accused of defiling eight-year-old intellectually disabled daughter
Court & Police
The court argued that there was too much inconsistency and that the prosecution...
Sicilian company director charged with defrauding construction companies
Court & Police
The court said it was denying bail in view of the way Italian justice system...
Man fined €4,500 for revenge porn
Court & Police
The court called on authorities to amend a mistake in the translation of the...
Homeless woman charged with church theft
Court & Police
The woman was denied bail mainly because she had no fixed address
Family of pedestrian killed whilst crossing the road awarded €106,000 in damages
Court & Police
A court has awarded €106,000 in damages to the family of a man who was...
Underage joyrider released on bail
Court & Police
Boy accused of stealing car and resisting arrest has been released on bail
Pensioner cleared after stuffed bird oversight landed him in hot water
Court & Police
The man said the bird was an old laboratory specimen which had been given to...

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