Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.

Woman allegedly imprisoned in cave by ex-husband, now 'fit to testify'
Court & Police
The psychiatrist who evaluated Natalie Williams says she is now mentally...
Former Gaddafi militant charged with robbing singer at knifepoint
Court & Police
A Libyan who robbed singer and musician Mikaela Attard at knifepoint...
Two brothers charged with Tarxien attempted murder
Court & Police
The two brothers were charged with attempted murder after allegedly...
Container repair company sues Freeport over 'discriminatory' arrangement
Court & Police
The company has filed a court case claiming that an arrangement between...
Police Commissioner gets court ultimatum to find Gozitan untraceable for five years
Court & Police
Magistrate loses patience after police fail to notify Nadur man for five...
Lawyer fined €5,000 for stealing ‘phenomenal’ amount of data from previous employer
Court & Police
Court accepts request to ban publication of names of both law firm and accused...
Seven charged over child pornography in Malta after Interpol investigation
Court & Police
Police inspector describes one set of images depicting baby rape as ‘the...
Young men plead guilty to sharing nude photo of 16-year-old girl
Court & Police
Suspended sentence after men plead guilty to child pornography charges
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