Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.

Homeless Serbian man smashed shop front to be sent back home, court hears
Court & Police
Sources close to the case said the man would likely be repatriated at the...
'Dried fish' cannabis woman remanded in custody
Court & Police
A woman has pleaded not guilty to importing illegal drugs into Malta despite...
Man found not guilty of fraud and arson after no insurance policy found
Court & Police
The man had been accused of setting his own car on fire to claim insurance money
Hugo Chetcuti murder: Compilation of evidence continues
Court & Police
Continuation of the compilation of evidence against Bojan Cmelik, accused with...
Mizzi cedes constitutional case over Panama inquiry
Court & Police
A court of Appeals yesterday threw out an order for an inquiry to be held into...
Defence in rape trial presents witnesses who say victim is ‘attention-seeker’
Court & Police
Defence witnesses describe victim who says she was raped at 10 years of age by...
Court jails four over fake passports
Court & Police
All four pleaded guilty to entering the country using false documents
Court expert cleared to continue working on Caruana Galizia murder case
Court & Police
The ruling was given in respect to a case filed by Alfred Degiorgio, one of the...

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