Matthew Agius is Senior Reporter on Law and Court Affairs at MaltaToday. He is also a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.

Police used drones to monitor Gozo cannabis farm, court hears
Court & Police
A 30-year-old man charged with the discovery of an illegal cannabis farm in...
Qormi valley murder: court warns reluctant witness of consequences of prevaricating
Court & Police
The compilation of evidence against Eliott Busuttil, 38, who stands accused of...
Manuel Delia challenges Mario Philip Azzopardi’s copyright claim over Ix-Xiħa play
Court & Police
A court will have to determine whether Mario Philip Azzopardi owns the rights...
Wardija villa owner Sandro Chetcuti complains of noise from Bidnija shooting range
Court & Police
Villa owners complain of “grave molestation” because...
Criminal court grants bail to man charged over recent thefts from chapels
Court & Police
A chalice and cash had been stolen from the chapels
Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe assassinated in broad daylight
Malta's ambassador to Japan expresses 'shock and utter disbelief'...
Construction worker charged over child porn possession, harassment
Court & Police
Court told man charged with the dissemination and possession of indecent...
St Paul’s Bay man accused of defiling daughter, 14, and friend, 15
Court & Police
Accused’s daughter told police officers father showed her pornography and...
Tarxien man charged with rape and defilement of 15-year-old girl
Court & Police
Court told girl was raped during a sleepover at her friend’s house
Waste collection cooperative files injunction against Environment Ministry, claiming attempt to unilaterally change the basis for their payment
Azzopardi sues for copyright breach over leak of ‘Ix-Xiħa’ play script
Court & Police
Judge to hear copyright claim by Mario Philip Azzopardi against journalist...
Suspended sentence for man who assaulted partner over infidelity suspicions
Court & Police
The man had repeatedly punched and kicked the woman’s chest and side
Carmelo Abela testifies that police had no questions for him over 2010 HSBC heist
Court & Police
Jason Azzopardi had claimed that Abela was promised €300,000 to...
Daphne bomb suspect Jamie Vella calls for publication of Degiorgio statement to Reuters
Court & Police
Jamie Vella's lawyer claims that police have evidence...
Degiorgios will admit guilt in Caruana Galizia murder in exchange for reduced sentence
Degiorgio brothers seek reduced sentence in Caruana Galizia murder...
Woman charged with importing undisclosed amount of cannabis
Court & Police
Circumstances indicated that the cannabis was not intended exclusively...
Judge upholds claim that ARMS bill calculations are illegal
Court & Police
Court finds method used by ARMS to bill consumers for their electricity...
AG accused of withholding evidence and ‘forcing’ police to arraign Pilatus official
Court & Police
Pilatus defence counsel accuses Attorney General of withholding evidence from...
Repubblika files protest against AG for refusing to charge Pilatus Bank top brass
Court & Police
Attorney General accused of persistently refusing to charge a number...
Man charged with extorting and threatening ex-partner through Instagram
Court & Police
Man granted bail after being charged with insulting and threatening his...