Activists take a dive in defiance of the Marsaskala marina project

Third protest by Moviment Graffitti against the proposed marina in Marsaskala

Activists gathered for a swim in Marsaskala bay, in a symbolic protest against the marina (Photo: Moviment Graffitti)
Activists gathered for a swim in Marsaskala bay, in a symbolic protest against the marina (Photo: Moviment Graffitti)

A third event was organised by Moviment Graffitti in protest of the marina which is being proposed in Marsaskala by Transport Malta. This time a symbolic swim was organised by the NGO.

Andre Callus from the NGO said that no consultation was carried out by TM on this “obscene” project and called for an immediate and non-ambiguous declaration that the project will not be carried out.

Jacqueline Rotin a lecturer and Marsaskala resident quoted the Prime Minister, who said that the Marasakala bay area is in need of an embellishment project.

She said she agrees that investment is required for the regeneration of the promenade, the rebuilding of the Jerma hotel and regularisation of the fish farms, amongst others. Rotin however argued that a parking spot and a latrine for the yachts is no upgrade.

She called the project an “insult” and said that the bay and the coast are of the public and should not be for sale.

Lecturer Theresa Hoban said that the only ulterior motive of the residents is to protect the bay. She accused the authorities of treating the residents as stupid and ignoring their protests against the project.

Hoban rubbished claims that the businesses would benefit from the marina, as according to her, businesses survived during the pandemic through the help of the residents. She said that should the marina be built, most businesses would have to close and pave way for luxorious properties and establishments.

Activist and ecologist Marie Claire Gatt said that although she is not a Marsaskala resident, she feels an obligation to speak out against environmental degradation.

“The marina would be taking away so much from the community, for the benefit of those that already have too much,” said Gatt. She added that the marina would be destroying not just the bay, but a whole ecosystem.

Another activist, John Paul Cachia, warned the authorities that they are right in their concerns about the residents' backlash, as they will not stay silent. He said that the arrogance expressed so far by Transport Malta, has been shocking.