Maltese catholics told to reduce, reuse and recycle for ‘Season of Creation’

Church environment commission calls upon citizens to cooperate with waste collection and recycling agencies

The Church is celebrating the Season of Creation and the feast of St Francis
The Church is celebrating the Season of Creation and the feast of St Francis

Catholics have been told by their Maltese shepherd not to lose faith and hope in resolving the country’s environmental problems.

In a statement from the archdiocese’s commission for the environment, the Maltese Catholic Church paid tribute to sustainability initiatives undertaken by entities like Qormi’s St George feast organisers not to release balloons in the air during their celebrations.

“During this month celebrating the Season of Creation, which ends on 4 October, the feast of St Francis, all those who believe in Christ are called upon to reflect on how this very creation is a clear sign of God’s love for His children… and that we act as responsible administrators of this creation.”

The commission said Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ called on Catholics to care for the environment.

“The commission is making special mention on waste and the importance of the 3Rs, reduce, reuse, and recycle, as these offer people of good will the opportunity of carrying out their responsibility.”

The commission said citizens should reduce their use of single-use plastic items, including plastic bags and plastic balloons released in the air. It said they should reuse objects they have acquired, and pointed to local actions and Facebook groups promoting the reuse and repair of broken objects.

It also called upon citizens to facilitate recycling efforts by national waste agencies, and urged cooperation with waste collection authorities.

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