Budget 2024: Grech says government failed to come up with any solutions for country’s problems

Opposition leader Bernard Grech says Budget 2024 symptomatic of a ‘tired government’ which has no solutions

Opposition leader Bernard Grech (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
Opposition leader Bernard Grech (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)

Opposition leader Bernard Grech labelled Budget 2024 as one without any solutions.

“People are feeling the burden of over population, and Abela’s government has insisted on the same economic model of low earners and cheap labour,” he said

Grech was delivering a short reaction following Finance Minister Clyde Caruana’s speech in parliament on Monday afternoon.

He said the measures announced were the symptoms of a “tired governemnt” which does not have any solutions.

He said the minister “forgot” about the health and education sectors, failing to include any siginficant investments.

“Government did not say anything about the €400 million it should be getting back,” he said, making reference to the appeals court decision handed down on Monday.

In a Facebook post posted to his personal profile just after Caruana concluded his speech, Grech said the country deserves better.

“Our country deserves better. Our vision to continue improving what is coming is a vision of excellence for a better life. Our commitment is to strengthen our reputation and integrity: We will fight corruption and restore trust in government institutions,” he said. “We aim for Economic renewal: Creating quality jobs and reducing dependence on population growth without a plan. We breathe new life into our economy and public finances.”

He insisted the PN’s priority is to invest in people.

“We will invest in education, the health sector, and in clean energy,” he said.