[WATCH] Abela tells ministers he wants swift implementation of budget in staged Cabinet video

Prime Minister Robert Abela says same energy shown in drawing up the budget, must be shown in its implementation

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela has insisted with the Cabinet of ministers the implementation of the budget should be implemented swiftly.

“The same energy we showed in drawing up the budget, must be shown in its implementation,” Abela told the ministers and parliamentary secretaries in his first Cabinet meeting following Monday’s budget.

The remarks were made in a video posted to his personal Facebook page, as ministers nod their heads and bang on the table as the camera pans in front of them.

He thanked all those who contributed towards Budget 2024.

Abela also noted that this year’s budget had a high implementation rate, insisting the government must continue in that spirit.

He said the budget serves as a strong basis towards implementing the manifesto ‘Malta Flimkien’.

“The Budget's objectives were to benefit people, including businesses, in public places and workplaces,” said the Prime Minister, as he indicated that the same approach needs to be maintained in implementing the measures that involve people's expectations during consultation with them.

The second budget of this legislature was presented on Monday.

Few new measures were introduced in Malta’s budget for 2024, which was instead dominated by energy subsidies and increases in several social welfare measures.

The budget saw increases in pensions and other existing welfare benefits, in line with cost-of-living adjustments, and a hefty increase in the children’s allowance.

In a budget in which €350 million are earmarked for energy, fuel and wheat subsidies, finance minister Clyde Caruana had no more room for new measures or tax cuts that would benefit middle-income earners.

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